Is Poland the New Top Medical Tourism Destination? 

Poland is a favoured plastic surgery destination thanks to the highly qualified physicians. More people are travelling to Poland to have procedures done on them. It is a top medical tourism destination because of the highly accessible medical services. The medical prices are also low priced, allowing individuals to get excellent medical care on a budget. The most common reason people travel to Poland is plastic surgery because of the state-of-the-art equipment used for these procedures.

1. Safe Country

The first consideration most people make before travelling abroad is whether or not the destination is a safe country. Poland is a safe country, and most of the medical centres are situated in major cities. As one of Europe’s major cities, most of the patients coming for cosmetic surgery in Poland are from Western European countries. Individuals visit from the UK, German, Sweden and other Scandinavian countries.

2. Easily Accessible

Since the majority of the medical centres are located in Poland’s big cities, they are easily accessible by plane. Most patients go to Warsaw as they can also enjoy the view of iconic buildings and beautiful architecture during their visit. Some patients actually have medical procedures while they are visiting their relatives.

3. Affordable Medical Fees

The main reason why Poland is being popular with cosmetic surgery is because of the affordability of medical services. Patients can have a procedure done at a fraction of the cost they are used to. Besides, there are low budget flights to Poland which means transportation does not spike the overall cost.

4. Availability of Information

In today’s digital-fast world, medical practices have websites where patients can learn more about what they do. Individuals can easily browse the internet for the most suitable medical practice to work with. Individuals can also join forums and compare experiences from different people went abroad for medical procedures.

5. State of the Art Medical Facilities and Equipment

The uniqueness of Poland’s medical facilities and safety standards also encourages more patients to trust the capabilities of physicians. With modern equipment clinics, surgeons, dentists and other doctors can easily complete different procedures without any complications. The number of patients choosing private healthcare is rapidly increasing because of this.

6. Highly Qualified Physicians

State of the art medical facilities and equipment are nothing without qualified physicians. Poland prides itself in countless qualified professionals with experience in their fields. Cosmetic surgery in Poland has become popular because medical practices hire highly qualified physicians.


Plastic surgery is an area of growing popularity in Poland since the medical fees are affordable and the medical clinic has state of the art equipment. Medical tourism is becoming the norm for Poland with people having procedures done on them even when they come to visit relatives. The availability of information allows individuals to clearly understand what different clinics do.