What Are The Benefits Of Consuming Glutathione Supplements?

When it comes to supplements, there are plenty that goes around. But, when it comes to a nutritional supplement that actually shows the result, glutathione is the one that is picked mostly. It is one of the major supplements, which is used as an antioxidant and immunity booster along with many other health benefits. Off late, various benefits have come to light about GSH, which will be discussed below.

About glutathione

Commonly called as GSH, this is an element which is an effective antioxidant and is found in the body. It is produced in the liver but can be taken supplementally as well. The mani three building blocks for GSH is glycine, cysteine, L-glutamate.

Some of the main functions of GSH includes:

  • Boost and support the immune system
  • Helps to boost the DNA formation which in turn helps in the cellular formation
  • Vitamin E and C regenartion
  • Breaks down the free radicals
  • Assists apoptosis (regular cell death)
  • Mercury is transported out of the brain
  • Sperm cell generation
  • Supports functioning fo certain enzymes
  • Helps in fat metabolism by gall bladder and liver

Though GSH is found in the body and can also be sourced from various food products, still having it in the form of supplements can be more effective in many cases.

Natural sources

Yes, taking a supplement is effective when one wants to see the results quickly and immediately. But, glutathione can also be absorbed from the natural food sources, like:

  • Garlic/ onion
  • Cabbage
  • Broccoli
  • Potato
  • Carrots
  • Asparagus
  • Brussels
  • Melons
  • Spinach etc.

Advantages of glutathione

Some of the major benefits that are observed by taking GSH in the form of the supplement are:

  • It stops and stalls the cell damage in the diseases that effects the livers and other organs
  • It helps in decreasing the Parkinson’s disease symptoms
  • Improves the immunity strength which helps to fight various diseases
  • It helps in removing the free radicals and thus acts as an antioxidant to avoid diseases and early aging signs
  • It can help avoid diabetes 2, by increasing the function of insulin
  • It can help cancer patients by slowing down the progress of cancer
  • It can help to reduce oxidative stress and damage of the colon and thus decrease ulcerative colitis

Alcohol and glutathione

In some research cases, it was found that these particular antioxidant elements can be effective in metabolizing alcohol. This is the reason, why many people take this chemical after drinking a bit too much.

The reason behind this is the fact that it is effective in breaking acetaldehyde like Phosphatidylserine. After consuming alcohol, the alcohol (ethanol) gets broken down into acetaldehyde which is a carcinogen. But, the glutathione on the other hand is capable of breaking down the acetaldehyde into carbon dioxide and water, rendering it ineffective.

Final words

Supplements are a way to boost the already natural elements present in the body and make them more effective. GSH is known as the master antioxidant because the main function it performs is to reduce oxidative damage fo the cells and organs. However, one should not take any supplement without consulting the doctor and learn about various drug interactions beforehand.