Skincare Products for Combination Skin

What is Combination Skin?

The Scott Gerbers article sheds major light on how to take care of combination skin type. Combination skin type is the most trickiest of skin type and if not taken proper care with the correct type of skin products. As the weather type changes constantly, the combination skin type can range from being oily and dry and partially both.

It is very important to create a skincare regime for the combination skin type. And for best results while choosing the products for combination skin type, it is important to pick ingredients that work in complete harmony both to purify the skin and to retain skin balance. So, here’s a range of products that promise to take care of the combination skin type.

Products that take proper care of combination skin type

The combination skin type can range from being acne prone and being completely dry and chapped. So, here’s a list of skincare products that help take proper care of combination skin.

  • Alpha H Balancing Cleanser: The balancing cleanser is also known by many as Gold Exfoliants. The balancing cleanser has been tested and has proven to be gentle and cleaning the skin without clogging the pores of the skin. As the cleanser contains aloe vera, it is important to use it daily as it makes the skin feel refreshed and soft.
  • Nuxe Aquabella Lotion: The Aquabella Lotion comes from the house of Nuxe, and it is perfect for combination skin type because the formulation gently cleanses the skin type and also takes care of the hydrating levels. The lotion can also be used after cleansing to restore moisture. It is also used to tighten pores and refine the texture of the skin. Rich in hyaluronic acid the lotion also prepares base for makeup.
  • Caudalie Moisturizing Mattifying Liquid: It is very important to apply a moisturizer on the face at the start of the day. For combination skin, the moisturizer should not add extra oil and shine to the already existing levels of oils. This moisturizing mattifying liquid from the house of Caudalie, is very lightweight and controls shine and reduces the level of sebum throughout the day.

These are the products that must be the part of your closet, if you have a combination skin. The balancing act is very much necessary for maintaining the combination skin balance and having a glowing and healthy skin type.